Usage Policy

What Can I Do?

We encourage you to use the internet :

  • With in the context of your role to communicate with colleagues and business partners of Wirral CT
  • To acquire or share information necessary or related to your role responsibilities.
  • For personal educational, research and recreational use as long as these don't interfere with your duties or the work of others
  • The payment can be checked against the order in case of any queries, and for stocktaking purposes.

What shouldn't I Do?

You must not

  • Access, Display or download material from any web sites containing material which may be considered offensive
  • Use the internet for illegal unlawful purposes
  • Access or use on-line gaming sites
  • Download, distribute or store music, video, film or other copyright material
  • Access commercial web-based e-mail sites and portals such as Hotmail and Yahoo mail